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Model Branch By-Laws Overview

The model branch by-laws which follow have been approved for branches of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. In adopting the model branch by-laws, it was the intention of the Executive to establish a set of by-laws which could be used to provide a similar operating structure for all branches. To accomplish this, we are suggesting that branches adopt the model by-laws in as complete a detail as possible. Of course, variations from the model which are necessary because of specific conditions or situations in the branch would be considered. (An example of this would be that many of our smallest branches choose not to put a Branch Representative Council structure in place.)

If the by-laws of your branch have not been updated to reflect the provisions of the model by-laws, you should put in place a committee chaired by a member of your branch executive to undertake this task. The review should be undertaken with a view to incorporating as many aspects of the model branch by-laws as possible. The process for proposed by-law changes is as follows:

  1. By-law changes drafted by branch committee.
  2. Approval and adoption at a general branch meeting.
  3. Submission to staff officer responsible for branch operations who will recommend further changes or recommend approval to the Membership Benefits and Services Committee.

Duties and Powers of Branch Officers

The duties and powers of the branch executive and individual branch officers are included within the branch by-laws.

The pertinent sections of the model branch by-laws which outline the duties and powers of the branch executive and branch officers are:

By-Law V. – Executive of the Branch

By-Law VI. – Election of Executive and Term of Office

By-Law VII. – Duties and Powers of Executive

By-Law VIII. – Duties of Executive Officers

a)    President
b)    Vice-President
c)    Secretary
d)    Treasurer
e)    Communications Officer
f)     Political Action Officer
g)    Equity Issues Officer
h)    Professional Development Officer
i) Substitute Teacher Representative
j) New Teacher Representative

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