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Branch Registration of Substitute Teachers

The following is present NLTA policy on registration of substitute teachers and membership rebates to branches for same:

  1. All substitute teachers should register either with the branch where they reside or with the branch where they normally do the most substituting, not both.
  1. Branches are to conduct registration for substitute teachers who work at least once by December 31. Upon submission of such registration, the branches will be reimbursed at an amount equal to the current membership rebate rate for each registered substitute teacher. No further registration shall be considered during the year for rebate purposes.

Executive has also approved a procedure for branch communications with substitute teachers, as policy for all branches.

Because substitute teachers may work across branch boundaries and because substitutes become active members only after they have been employed as a teacher at least once in a school year, it is necessary for branches to conduct a formal registration and submit it to NLTA provincial office. To assist you, we have developed a summary form titled Official Substitute Teacher Registration Form on which the names of all substitute teachers registered with your branch are to be listed.

It is the responsibility of the Substitute Teacher Representative (or the branch executive, if no such representative exists) to ensure that contact is made with each substitute teacher and the required information submitted. Please make every effort to have the individual and summary forms completed and then submit the Official Substitute Teacher Registration Form to the NLTA office by January 15. Your branch will receive the membership rebate for each registered substitute if the information is received at the NLTA office by January 15. (This form is also available in the “FORMS” section of the NLTA website.)

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