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Z. Financial Planning Sessions and Full-Day Financial Information Seminars

1. The NLTA will make provision for an ongoing program of financial planning sessions and financial information seminars through the involvement of Programs and Services staff in branch workshops, branch meetings, and school staff sessions as requested, as well as full-day financial information seminars organized by the NLTA. A financial planning session is an educational opportunity hosted at the branch and/or school level that is usually no more than one to two hours in duration. A financial planning seminar is an educational opportunity organized by NLTA Programs and Services staff and is a full-day event which could include guest presenters. Elements of the benefits and economic services program relating to financial planning will be communicated through the use of the NLTA Bulletin, Infosheets, and special publications. [Oct/31&Nov/2/13] [JC Nov/13] [2015 BGM]

2. Teachers who attend the financial planning sessions or financial information seminars under Section 1 of this policy on a Saturday or on a non-paid/work day will have individual teacher travel expenses reimbursed in accordance with the following provisions:

a) participants shall be reimbursed for travel to a financial planning session from their place of residence, provided that the session occurs in the branch in which they are a member. [Oct/31&Nov/2/13] [JC Nov/13] [2015 BGM]

b) participants who are accepted to attend a full-day financial information seminar shall be reimbursed the lesser of travel by private vehicle or public transportation to the full-day financial information seminar closest to their place of residence. In the event that a teacher requests and is accepted to attend a full-day financial information seminar other than the closest full-day financial information seminar, the participant shall only be reimbursed the amount applicable for travel to the closest full-day financial information seminar. [Oct/31&Nov/2/13] [JC Nov/13] [2015 BGM]

c) payment for private vehicle shall be at the rate which is 15% of the average cost of self-serve regular gasoline as determined on the first day of each fiscal quarter for the return trip from residence to seminar site.

d) travel by ferry, or other public transportation where deemed necessary, shall be reimbursed with receipts; in the case of airfare, reimbursement will be at the rate of 80 percent of the fare. Receipts shall be required for all reimbursement. [Feb/18-19/15] [2015 BGM]

e) no expenses will be paid to participants living in the community where the session is held.

All other expenses, such as meals, accommodation, and child care, are not covered. These expenses are the responsibility of the participating teacher.

3. The NLTA will provide, upon request, a program of financial planning to teachers in the form of a teacher professional development session. Such professional development would be in accordance with Clause 28.01 (b) of the Provincial Collective Agreement and Clause 16.01 (b) of the Labrador West Collective Agreement.

4. The NLTA will endeavour to secure, through collective bargaining, contractual language that will provide a one day financial planning workshop during the regular instructional day for all teachers once during their career. [Feb 13-14&15/13] [JC Feb/13] [2013 BGM] 

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