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X. Teacher Stress

  1. The NLTA will provide to the membership information on the identification of the symptoms of stress, suggestions for remediation, and the availability of support agencies, including professional workshops and employee assistance program services.
  1. The NLTA, in cooperation with the Department of Education and school boards, will develop and conduct stress management seminars for members through Programs and Services and the Employee Assistance Program.
  1. The NLTA will continue its personal service to teachers through the professional development program and the benefits and economic services program which provide assistance in areas such as financial counselling, teacher induction, mid-career and pre-retirement counselling.
  1. The NLTA, through collective bargaining, will continue to press for earlier and improved retirement provisions.
  1. The NLTA, through collective bargaining, will continue efforts to reduce class size and to further define teacher workload.
  1. The NLTA will work with the schools boards to help initiate the development of wellness programs for teachers. [Nov/27/08] [JC Feb/09] [2009 BGM]
  1. The NLTA will continue to give serious consideration to the support and implementation of programs to assist teachers in improving classroom management and discipline.
  1. The NLTA, through MUN Liaison, will encourage the inclusion of a unit or course or provide seminars on coping with stress in the primary, elementary, and secondary school in the teacher education programs at MUN.
  1. The NLTA will work to improve the communication between parents and teachers in order to provide a greater understanding of mutual objectives and to develop avenues of supportive activity.
  1. The NLTA will provide a program of public relations to help improve the image of teaching and teachers to the general public of this province. [Mar/3-4/83] [Jan/8-9/99] [1999 BGM]

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