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CC. Employment Equity

  1. NLTA views employment equity as a positive process leading to full equality between men and women in all aspects of education and employment.
  1. NLTA recognizes that an employment equity program is one which translates equality of opportunity into equality of results by:
    a) promoting the education, professional development, and career advancement of underrepresented groups.
    b) ensuring that inappropriate employment qualifications are eliminated, and
    c) ensuring that hiring and promotion are done strictly on the basis of merit.
  1. NLTA recognizes that a successful employment equity program depends on a strong employer commitment which should include:
    a) both remedial and support measures where inequities exist,
    b) specific goals and time tables, but does not contain mandatory quotas, and
    c) evaluation of procedures and results.
  1. NLTA recognizes that when successfully implemented, an employment equity program is an efficient management tool for making the best use of all human resources. [Mar/13-14/87] [1991 AGM] 

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