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26.01 In accordance with Clause 26.02, Government will contribute a portion of the premium rate for plan options currently contained in the basic portion of the NLTA Group Insurance Plan (Basic/Dependent Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Health), and other benefits which may be agreed to between the parties.

26.02 In accordance with Clause 26.01, the contribution rate per participating teacher to be paid by Government for each option in the basic portion of the NLTA Group Insurance Plan shall be determined annually in accordance with Schedule L. These rates shall be determined no later than February 28th of each year or the earliest date thereafter.

26.03 The insurance committee currently established shall continue to be constituted as initially established and be a forum for discussions on the Government contribution rates to the NLTA Plan. In addition, the committee may discuss premium rates and benefits under the NLTA and Government plans.

26.04 The NLTA agrees to provide Government with enrolment data and information on the coverages of the plan options in the NLTA Plan to which Government contributes. The NLTA agrees to provide Government and Government agrees to provide the NLTA with relevant portions of the financial statements, premium rating analysis and supporting documentation used to establish the contribution rate in accordance with Schedule L. Such information will be provided within thirty (30) days of a request for same or as soon as possible following receipt by the NLTA Group Insurance Trustees or Government.

26.05 Coverage under those options of the existing NLTA Group Insurance Plan to which the Government contributes, shall be available to all members of the bargaining unit subject to underwriting qualifications only.

26.06 Government agrees to pay its share of group insurance premiums for those teachers on maternity, parental and adoption leave, for a maximum of fifty-eight and one half (58.5) weeks.

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