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22.01 Annual salary and where possible allowances shall be paid in twenty-six (26) equal installments. In a school year in which payment in accordance with Clause 22.02 would yield twenty-seven (27) pay periods, the final pay period in August will be eliminated and each pay period in the subsequent school year will occur one (1) week earlier.

22.02 Teachers shall be paid by direct deposit every second Thursday. If a bank holiday falls on Thursday, teachers will be paid on the last banking day prior to that Thursday.

22.03 Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted as to change the present method of calculating the salary entitlement of teachers, based on the number of teaching days worked and the procedure for adjusting teachers’ salaries during the non-teaching period.


  1. Teachers who are not on regular payroll shall be paid within four (4) weeks of the week in which work was performed by such teachers. 
  2. Notwithstanding Clause 22.04 (a), teachers who are not on regular payroll shall, when possible, be paid within two (2) weeks of the week in which work was performed by such teachers.

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