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20.01 Subject to the other provisions of this Article, a teacher who has been employed in Newfoundland and Labrador as a teacher for five (5) years or more may be eligible for Educational Leave up to one (1) year.

20.02 There shall be an Educational Leave Committee consisting of five (5) members, two (2) of whom shall be appointed by the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association.

20.03 Teachers who are eligible for Educational Leave and who wish to obtain such leave, shall make application to the School Board. Only applications which are approved by the School Board shall be forwarded to the Educational Leave Committee.

20.04 Prior to January 1 each year, the Minister shall notify the Educational Leave Committee of the number of teachers who may be granted educational leave in the coming school year. In any event, the minimum number of teachers who may be granted leave shall be twelve (12) per year, or the equivalent.

20.05 The Educational Leave Committee shall, not later than the 1st day of March of the year of the award, select those teachers who are to be granted educational leave. The number selected by the Committee shall not exceed the number indicated by the Minister in accordance with Clause 20.04.

20.06 Leave granted under this Article shall be at the rate of eighty per cent (80%) salary.

20.07 Upon completion of the Educational Leave, a teacher shall return to the School Board, from which leave was granted, for a period of not less than double the period of leave granted.

20.08 A teacher granted Educational Leave shall, subject to Articles 9 and 29, on return be given the same position or comparable position in the same school, unless it is mutually agreed between the teacher and the School Board that the teacher return to a particular position.

20.09 The period in which a teacher is on Educational Leave with pay shall be considered as full time taught.

20.10 Nothing in this Article shall be deemed to preclude leave privileges which may be available to teachers under Article 19.

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