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The Allan Bishop Award
Nomination Form

Nominations must be received at NLTA Office by January 31st.

This award was established to recognize outstanding service to NLTA at the provincial level. A maximum of one award may be presented each year and awards are open to any active or life member of the Association except that current members of the Provincial Executive are ineligible and a provincial Past-President of the Association is ineligible within three years of their presidency. A gift and plaque will be presented to the recipient. The President of the Association shall announce the winner at least two weeks prior to Convention and, in a non-Convention year, at a convenient time following the Executive meeting at which the award recipient is approved. During a non-Convention year, the award recipient will be presented with the award at an occasion to be determined by the Provincial President. Award winners from both the non-Convention and Convention years will be invited to the Biennial General Meeting where their awards will be recognized and presented.

Nominations must come from branches, special interest councils or Joint Council and must be made on this form.
Criteria to be submitted with nominations shall include:

• Offices held at the provincial level of NLTA (please give dates);
• Other NLTA positions/appointments and offices held (please give dates);
• Project or activities initiated or led by nominee (please give dates);
• Other information considered pertinent;
• The names and addresses of two individuals who would be able to provide references concerning the nomination. These could be the names of current or former officers of the branch or a branch member who is familiar with the nominee’s achievements

All nominations must be received at NLTA Office by January 31. Nominations received after that date will not be considered.

The Selection Committee is the Membership Benefits and Services Committee.  The functions of the selection committee include:

1.    To examine the information presented on each nominee and to make recommendations to Provincial Executive based on a clear majority vote of the committee.
2.    In addition to a study of the materials submitted by the branch, the committee may conduct interviews with nominees and/or the branch executive.