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Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be bestowed on any person who, in the opinion of the Executive has made a significant contribution to the cause of education. Below is the list of Honorary Members of the NLTA.

2017 Doreen Noseworthy 1989 Dr. Grace Layman
2015 Brian Shortall 1988 Sister Nolasco Mulcahy
2013 Eric Burry 1987 Fred Rowe
2011 John Staple 1986 Cecil Roebothan
2009 Roger Grimes 1985 Jesse Mifflin
2007 Dr. Myrle Vokey 1984 Philip J. Warren 
2005 Wayne Russell 1983 Edgar G. House
2003 Dr. Leslie Harris 1982 Allan Bishop 
2001 Heber Walters 1981 Edith Manuel
1999 Dr. Otto G. Tucker 1980 S. J. Hefferton
1997 Dr. Harry A. Cuff 1979 C. Lloyd Buffett
1996 Dr. Leonard Williams 1978 J. Howard Sainsbury, N. Ray Wight
1995 Dr. Edwina Wetzel 1977 William Ford, Gilbert Pike 
1994 W. Claude Robbins
1976 Walter C. Hudson, John Patrick Keane
1993 Walter A. Cull, Bill O’Driscoll 1974 William Fitzgerald
1992 Br. A. F. Brennan 1973 G. A. Hickman 
1991 Hudson Davis 1971 Clifford Andrews, Donald Evely, Sherburne McCurdy
1990 Lorne Wheeler 1968 R. J. Connolly, Molly Dingle, P. J. Hanley, Vera Perlin