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J. Environmental Policy

The NLTA will:

1. comply with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance especially in the storage and disposal of hazardous material.

2. minimize waste by recycling materials whenever possible and practical or by using electronic means when possible. [Oct/23&25/14] [2015 BGM]

3. use environmentally friendly products whenever available and reasonable such as using biodegradable chemicals and minimizing use of solvent and lead-based paints.

4. use appropriate disposal methods for electronic equipment, batteries, toner cartridges, monitors, printers, etc.

5. ensure efficient use of water and energy.

6. expect similar environmental standards from its suppliers and contractors.

7. continuously seek to improve environmental performance and raise awareness, whenever possible, on environmental matters. [Nov/1&3/07] [JC Apr/08] [2009 BGM]