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Award Winners

Below you will find a list of Award Winners with the NL Teachers’ Association. Click on the award title to view a list of the recipients for that award.

gradred Allan Bishop Award
gradred Bancroft Award
gradred Barnes Award
gradred Patricia Cowan Award
gradred President’s Award
gradred Special Recognition Award
gradred Roy C. Hill Award
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This award is presented in recognition of outstanding service to the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association at the provincial level. It is open to any active or life members of the NLTA and nominations for this award may come from branches or special interest councils.

2010 Edward Moore 2000 Beverley Butler
2009 Dana Burridge 1996 Ken Penney
2008 William Gerard Chaisson 1995 C. Lloyd Buffett
2007 E. Winston Carter 1993 Joe Rousseau
2005 Clement “Ted” Murphy 1992 Chris Amos
1991 Ray Goulding
The Bancroft award was established in 1980 to mark the 90th anniversary of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. The award recognizes outstanding service at the branch level of the NLTA for the betterment of education and professionalism for teachers.
2016 Peter McCormack, Katherine Rowsell, Jamie Jenkins  1998 Bill Cooze
2015 Rick Duffy, Jean Murphy 1997 Florence Hurley
2014 Alice Bridgeman, Linda Chaisson, Tina Matthews 1996 Cyril Boone
2013 Brenda Beresford, Callista Burridge, Glenn MacArthur 1995 Richard Parsons
2012 Sandra Quigley 1994
Bridget Kelly
2011 Joseph Lafitte 1993 Colin Morris, William Kelly
2010 Stella Johnson, Sharon Penney 1992 Michael Kelly, Jeannette Pottier
2009 Clarence Mercer 1991 Fred Denty, Paul Peckford
2008 Leo Freeborn 1990 Rudy Porter
2007 Frank Crews 1989 Alonzo Bessey
2006 Fred Wood, Douglas Parsons 1988 Gladys Costella
2005 Madonna Boone, Diane Curtis 1987 Gordon Day
2004 Bill Chaisson 1986 Derek Hounsell, Arleigh Paddle, Don Blackmore
2003 Marilyn Bennett, Margaret Dunphy, Dolly Brace 1985 Beverley Butler, Matthew Pike, Samuel Walters
2002 Thomas Kendell, Patrick Pittman 1984 Roy Bannister, Tony Fennell, Chesley Hollett
2001 Charles Dillon 1983 Hubert Barnes, Edward Hancock, George E. Martin
2000 Barry Pearce, Randy Smith 1982 Duncan Ford, Dennis Madden, Nelson Larson
1999 Robert Eddy, David Wicks 1981 Stanley Dawe, Maxwell Rideout, Harris Thistle
1980 Job Halfyard, Fred Martin, Christopher Stratton
The Barnes Award was established in 1987 to recognize outstanding service to the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association in the field of Professional Development by teachers involved in Special Interest Councils and Curriculum Development Committees.
2016 Robert Matthews 2002 Geoffrey Booth
2015 David Gill 2001 Brian Vardy
2014 Bruce King 2000 Nathaniel Sheppard
2013 William Tucker 1999 Arlene McCann (Luke)
2012 Trent Langdon 1997 Malcolm Wells
2011 David Constantine 1996
Victoria Pennell
2010 Jim Hibbs 1995 Sandra Shepherd
2009 Cynthia Wheeler 1994 Georgina Hedges
2008 Keith Adey 1993 Wayne Penney
2007 Christopher Cooper 1992 Frank Shapleigh
2006 Mary Dinn 1991 Francis Reid
2005 Raymond Brushett 1990 Sr. Rosalita Furey
2004 Wayne Hallett 1989 Calvin Patey
2003 Victor May 1988 John Sutherland
1987 Rita C. Janes
The Patricia Cowan Award was established in 2007 to recognize individuals or groups outside the K-12 school system for their outstanding support and promotion of education either through their role as advocates or through a relationship with the NLTA resulting in a positive impact on teaching and learning.
2015 Kathy LeGrow 2009 Dr. David Dibbon
2013 Boyd Summers 2007 Denise Pike
2011 Paul Johnson
The President’s Award is presented to one person whom the President feels is a strong supporter of the Association during the President’s term of office.
2015 Rick Duffy 2003 Bill Chaisson
2013 Paula Smith 2001 Leo Freeborn
2009 Paul Pinsent 1999 David Wicks
2007 Dana Burridge 1991 Fred Denty
2005 Marilyn Bennett
The Special Recognition Award was instituted in 1990 by Johnson Incorporated to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. The award is presented annually to an active NLTA member who has made a major contribution to the cultural, social and/or community life of Newfoundland and Labrador.
2016 Robert Parsons 2004 Rudy Porter
2015 Jordan Stringer 2002 Paul LeBlanc, Rex Hillier
2014 John Adams 2001 Nelson Larson
2013 Clarence White 2000 Harold Mullowney
2012 Derrick Sheppard 1999 Sheila Lee
2011 Eleanor Cameron-Stockley 1998 Joseph Keating
2010 Sam Synard 1997 Thomas Maddox
2009 Kathleen & John Hicks 1996 Wayne Hallett
2008 Elizabeth Murphy 1995 Robert Keefe
2007 S. Nicole Burt 1994 Sid Woolfrey
2006 Philip Wood 1993 John S. R. Gosse
2005 Myrtle Guinchard 1992 Ernest Condon
1991 Felix Collins
ROY C. HILL AWARD (formerly Hilroy Fellowship)
1999 Geoffrey Booth 1984 Francis LeCointre, Wayne Williams
1998 Barry Pearce, Patrick Wells 1983 Robert Kelly
1997 Patricia Mercer, Sheila Flynn-Healey, H. Jack Reid 1982 Linda Doody
1996 Thomas Graham 1981 Emerson & Donna Coish
1995 Douglas G. Mason 1980 Georgina Hedges
1994 Ray Brushett 1979 Loran Young
1993 Thomas F. McGrath, Jack Rose 1978 George Mayo, T. Manning, J. Burden, Sr. J. Kennedy
1992 Barbara Redden, Janice Knuckey, Patricia Hawksley 1977 R. M. Cardona
1991 Robert Cooper 1976 Horace Davis
1990 Len Hynes 1975 Ruth Davis
1989 Anne Ferncase 1974 Jesse Fudge
1988 C. George Brown 1973 Wilson D. Riche, Gary A. Woodill
1987 Carol Fitzpatrick 1972 Joseph LeClair
1986 William Raymond, David Rideout 1971 Winston Ruby
1985 Francis G. Hollohan, Marina Delaney, Paula Gillis, James O’ Gorman, Mary Snook, Loretta Sjoen, Gail Skinner, Francis LeCointre 1970 William G. Dixon