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Retired Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

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The Retired Teachers’ Association has compiled many publications over the years. There is a Handbook for New Members as well as Association and Division newsletters. Retired teachers can take advantage of the many discounts which are available to them. You will find them under the heading “Teacher Discount Program” below. If you are not already a member of the Association then be sure to complete your membership application form below.

    * Association Newsletters
    * Division Newsletters and Information
    * Newsletter Submission Guidelines for publication of articles in the RTANL newsletter

• RTANL Membership Application Form [Fill Out Online] or [Print PDF]

• Handbook for New Members

Registration Form for RTANL BGM 2024

Biennial Award for Service Nomination Form

Avalon East Division By-Laws and Policy Handbook

Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART) Report 2022

East Coast Retired Teachers’ Association (ECTRO) Report 2022

 Infosheet What Is This Coalition I Am Hearing So Much About?

 National Health Care Strategy for Seniors Campaign

RTANL Executive Report to BGM 2022

 Retired Teachers’ Association Constitution and By-Laws

 Retired Teachers’ Con-Tri Division Policy and By-Laws

 Tales Told By Teachers Advertisement

• Teacher Discount Program – You must show your RTANL Membership Card to obtain these discounts

Teachers’ Pension Plan Corporation Annual Report 2022