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Retired Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Retired Teachers’ Foundation

The Retired Teachers’ Foundation has been in operation since 1987. Each year the Foundation chooses ten charities to support with funding based on contributions from Divisions and individuals. The Foundation was conceived by the late Lloyd C. Buffett and created with the assistance of the RTANL Central Division, who provided sponsorship for many years, until the Provincial Association Executive assumed responsibility for sponsorship. Below is a list of the Foundation’s executive.

 Retired Teachers’ Foundation Executive
spacer CHAIRPERSON Dianne Squarey
CO-CHAIR Ann Pennell
SECRETARY Sharon Penney
Geraldine Wall


Book of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance that honour deceased teachers, are housed at The Rooms in St. John’s. More information


Included with the constitution of the Retired Teachers’ Foundation are its by-laws. Read more….


The purposes of the Foundation are twofold. Read more …..
View the list of donations given to Children’s Charities


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