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The Retired Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador is comprised of approximately 5,500 members living in all parts of the world. The numbers continue to grow each year as new members are welcomed and encouraged to get involved. The Association is also sub-divided into smaller divisions located all across the island. Participating in Division activities is an enjoyable way to begin your retirement.


Information regarding the NLTA Group Insurance Program is now sent directly to all members (active and retired) electronically, as well as available on the NLTA website. If you have an email address and have not already provided it, email it to:
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Also, your RTANL Newsletter can now be accessed electronically. Send an email to to have your newsletters emailed to you.


Mar. 4-10, 2018

Join retired teacher, Elizabeth Noseworthy for a fantastic week exploring the foothills of the Andes! This is a non-profit pilot project and all funds are used to pay local providers and a summer student.

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Check out the LINKS section to view a list of Teaching Opportunities that are available to retired teachers. Some even include opportunities to teach outside the province.


When you register to become a member of the Retired Teachers’ Association you will automatically receive a Retired Teachers’ Association Membership Card. Be sure and show this card to avail of many discounts including pharmacy dispensing fees.
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