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Pre-Retirement Seminars

Teachers who are eligible to retire should register for one of the NLTA’s five Pre-Retirement Seminars scheduled to be held in the fall of the school year.  They are usually held in Corner Brook, Grand Falls-Windsor, and three in St. John’s. These seminars are in accordance with Association policy as part of its overall program of pre-retirement counselling. Clause 18.12 of the Provincial Collective Agreement and Clause 29.12 of the Labrador West Collective Agreement provide two days paid leave to attend these seminars.

Information sessions  deal with topics such as the Teachers’ Pension Plan, Severance Pay, Employment Insurance, NLTA Group Insurance, Financial and Estate Planning and the Canada Pension Plan.  As well, time is available for individual counselling of prospective retirees by the various consultants.

Read the full text of the NLTA Policy on Pre-Retirement Seminars located in the Policy Handbook of the NLTA (under Section IV, Subsection G). The NLTA policy will also be emailed to teachers with confirmation of registration.

  • Potential participants must register with the NLTA for a particular seminar and apply to their Board office for leave.
  • Only those teachers eligible to retire during or before June 2023 will be eligible to attend.
  • Registration should be received at the NLTA office at least four weeks in advance to ensure approval of attendance.
  • The Association reserves the right to refuse acceptance of registration at any particular seminar if the registration forms have not been received at the NLTA office in accordance with Association policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual participant to make arrangements and pay for hotel accommodations, should any be required. Please reference that you are attending an NLTA function and the hotel should provide a reduced rate which is available to the NLTA.
  • Travel expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the following provisions:
  1. participants shall be reimbursed the lesser of travel by private vehicle or public transportation to the seminar closest to the place of residence. In the event that a teacher requests and is accepted to attend a seminar other than the closest seminar, the participant shall only be reimbursed the amount applicable for travel to the closest seminar. In instances where two or more members travel in the same vehicle, only one claim for travel expenses shall be paid.
  2. payment for private vehicle shall be at the rate which is 40% of the average cost of self-serve regular gasoline as determined on the first day of each fiscal quarter for the return trip from the residence to seminar site.
  3. travel via public conveyance shall be reimbursed for ferry, taxi or economy airfare; in the case of airfare, the lesser of excursion (seat sale) or 80 percent of economy airfare will be paid, where excursion (seat sale) fares can be arranged. Receipts shall be required for all reimbursement.
  4. no expenses will be paid to participants living or teaching in the community where the seminar is held.
  5. a partner is welcome to accompany the participating teacher to the pre-retirement seminar, but no expenses will be covered.
  • All other expenses, such as meals, accommodation and child care, are the responsibility of the participating teacher.
  • Expenses will be provided for one pre-retirement seminar only and a teacher participant shall be permitted to attend one seminar only. (Notwithstanding this, a teacher may attend a second seminar as a partner.)
  • Teachers must attend the seminar location closest to their place of residence, except in cases where the mode, cost or availability of transportation necessitates otherwise.
  • School board management staff and partners are welcome to attend one pre-retirement seminar, but no expenses will be paid in accordance with this policy.

Given the large number of teachers eligible to retire, we reserve the right to limit the number of people who will be granted access, depending on the physical facilities available at each site. Consequently, it is imperative that teachers plan ahead and register early in the event that registrations have to be taken at a first-come, first-served basis.

Dates for the Pre-Retirement seminars for Fall 2020 are yet to be determined.