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Group Insurance

The NLTA Group Insurance Plan, consisting of Life, Accident, Health, Dental, Long Term Disability, Medical Out of Country, and Critical Illness plan options is owned by the NLTA and operated through a seven-person Board of Managers, appointed by and answerable to Provincial Executive. The plan is administered by Johnson Inc. and underwritten by a number of companies.

When members are placed on regular payroll, they are automatically enrolled in the three options of the basic plan, consisting of A1-Life, A3-Accident and B-Health. The provincial government pays a portion of the cost of premiums for the basic plan options in accordance with the Collective Agreement. Members are also enrolled automatically in Dental insurance, Basic Critical Illness insurance, and for those under age 40, Long-Term Disability insurance. Enrolment in the voluntary options: A2-Life, A4-Accidental, A5-Voluntary Life (including spouses), C-Long Term Disability (for other than those mentioned above) LC-Long Term Care and T-MEDOC (medical out-of-country travel/health insurance) is by application. Government does not contribute to these options.

Special insurance packages have been developed for retired teachers and for substitute teachers. Further details on these packages can be obtained from the NLTA. The Group Insurance booklets can be viewed on the NLTA website, Go to “Publications” and then Group Insurance.

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New Teachers and NLTA Group Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Benefit – Option C1
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