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OCTOBER 24, 2016

School Board Elections


It’s been a long time coming, but finally we have the opportunity to exercise our democratic right and influence the conversation surrounding education. On November 22, elections will be held to select those who will serve as trustees of the English and Francophone school boards. Nominations are being held this week from Monday, October 24 – Friday, October 28.

If you are an active teacher, I encourage you to nominate individuals from your trustee zone. If you are a retired teacher, I ask that you give serious consideration to offering yourself as a trustee.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association is a democratic organization and, as such, we know the importance of working collaboratively to make change and achieve outcomes. We believe in the democratic process. We also know the challenges facing our schools, our teachers, and our students as a result of cuts to education. We know increased class size, excessive demands, and fewer resources will not help us meet the needs of our students.

Now more than ever, we need strong advocates for education and for investment in our schools. We can accomplish this by nominating and electing individuals with a deep understanding of the public school system and the need to invest in that system. Simply by exercising our democratic right and participating in this democratic process, we can make significant change.

I urge you to run as a candidate for school board trustee, or to nominate someone you feel has the best interest of our schools at heart. Check out if you wish more details.

Take Care,

James Dinn
President, NLTA