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MAY 24, 2016

NLTA Participation at NLFSC Rally


It is likely that the vote on Budget 2016 will take place this week in the House of Assembly. For this reason the NL Federation of School Councils is organizing a rally for education and against Budget 2016 for 5:30 PM, Wednesday, May 25 at Confederation Hill. Information on the event was forwarded to you last week.

I’m asking that as many of you as possible attend tomorrow’s rally and stand in solidarity with our parents and school councils as they oppose the cuts to education being proposed by the Liberal austerity budget.

I’ll be there. Our NLTA signs will be there. But we will need parents, students, citizens and teachers there to send a clear message to our MHAs that anger and opposition to Budget 2016 have not dissipated, that cuts to education will not be tolerated, and that the demands for investment in our students, schools, and teachers have become louder.

I know it’s during the supper hour, but it’s also the evening news hour. It will be a shorter commitment of time than the rally on May 7, but it will be an equally important commitment. On May 7 between 500 – 700 teachers attended. I’m counting on that many teachers for tomorrow’s rally. Some of you regretted being unable to attend the first rally. Here’s a second chance for you to take a stand for our schools.

Bring a colleague, a friend, neighbour, family member and join with the others at the rally tomorrow in demanding government complete a “do-over” of Budget 2016.

See you in front of the Confederation Building.

On a related note, I am attending a rally in Burin being organized by teachers in the Burin Marystown Branch of the NLTA. If you are interested in organizing your own rally or some other public demonstration in defense of public education, let us know. We have signs, and I will do my best to attend.

Take care,

NLTA President