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SEPT. 12, 2016

Pay Advances

Clauses 22.01(a) and 22.02 of the Provincial and Labrador West Collective Agreements require the Board to pay all teachers their annual salary in 26 equal installments and to pay such teachers by direct deposit every second Thursday.  It is the Association’s position that the only exception to this pertains to substitute teachers not on regular payroll; that situation is specially addressed in Clause 22.04 of the Agreements, which states:

Teachers who are not on regular payroll shall be paid within four (4)
weeks of the week in which work was performed by such teachers.

As a result of pay delays arising from the late entry of teachers on payroll, the Association and District developed a means to explore a solution to such pay delays on a trial basis.

Pursuant to the agreed upon interim agreement, when the District is unable to issue pay in keeping with Clauses 22.01 (a) and 22.02 (a), payroll advances to permanent, replacement and term teachers with new contracts whose pay is late shall be issued as follows:

  • Certificate V teachers: $1200;
  • Certificate VI teachers: $1300; and
  • Certificate VII teachers: $1500.

For the term of the interim agreement, the District is required to issue such advances on request to permanent, term and replacement teachers whose pay is late due to new contracts, provided the teacher grants approval to the District to deduct the advance from the teacher’s bank account at the same time they receive their “actual pay” through Teacher Payroll. Lesser amounts (rounded to the nearest hundred dollars) can be issued at the teacher’s request.

If you require assistance with this or any similar matter, please contact an Administrative Officer in Programs and Services for advice specific to your situation.