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OCTOBER 26, 2016

NLESD Email System

The NLTA has received a number of inquiries from members expressing concern with the email system that the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is now utilizing. In particular, members are concerned with the fact that both teacher, as well as student emails, are in the same “domain”.

The NLTA has brought these concerns to the attention of NLESD officials and has requested that teacher and student email addresses be stored in “separate” domains or directories. The NLESD is investigating the feasibility of addressing our concerns and implementing the NLTA recommendations.

While we are waiting for further information from NLESD, the NLTA recommends the following:

When using the new NLESD email system, be extra cautious to ensure your emails are addressed to the correct recipient(s).  A good best practice is to compose your emails before you address them, to reduce the risk of an accidental “send”.  Nonetheless, we suggest that you take an extra couple of seconds to check and re-check that your emails are addressed properly and are not going to an unintended recipient on the same email system (i.e. a student).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact George Tucker, Administrative Officer, Programs and Services at the NLTA at or 726-3223 or 1-800-563-3599,  ext. 245.

Thank you for your anticipated attention to this important matter.