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Johnson Incorporated
Bursaries Application

To be eligible, an individual must be an active member of the NLTA as described by section 1:A.1 of the NLTA policy.

Regulations Governing the Awarding of Johnson Incorporated Bursaries

  1. A sum of $2,000.00 will be made available to the NLTA to be awarded annually to teachers in full-time attendance at university. The value of the awards will depend on the number of awards granted annually by the Professional Issues Committee (e.g. two @ $1,000.00, four @ $500.00).
  2. Where there are competing applicants, on an annual basis, any member may be granted only one award for those programs which are designated for teachers undertaking full-time study.
  3. The bursaries shall be open to both graduate and undergraduate students.
  4. The bursary will be paid upon receipt of the student’s transcript indicating successful completion of courses.
  5. Applications for bursaries must be completed online.
  6. Applications must be received at the NLTA Office by April 1.
  7. Bursaries awarded are to be used for study undertaken in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter semesters following this deadline.