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Branches are required to submit this viability profile to the Branch Operations Office at the NLTA before the end of each school year in which the Association’s Biennial General Meeting is held. Please Note: This form is only required to be completed once every two years following the Biennial General Meeting.

The profile must be completed by the Branch Executive, and the Branch President and one other Branch Executive member must verify that the profile was completed by the Executive.

If the profile is not submitted or if, in the opinion of the committee responsible for the branch operations, the branch does not meet the viability criteria, the committee will initiate a consultative process with the branch to determine the branch’s continued viability.

During the consultation the committee will take into consideration a number of issues depending on the unique circumstances within a branch, since programs or services provided in one branch may not be possible in another branch. During this stage, supports and assistance will be offered by the Associciation to help the branch meet the viability guidelines.

The committee responsible for branch operations will present its report and recommendations to the Provincial Executive and to the members of the branch. The Provincial Executive will then consult with branch members in determining the future status of the branch.

Each branch will report on its performance in each of the following areas which describe the range of services that a branch should provide for its members. (It is understood that all elements may not be incorporated into every branch program.)

If you have any questions please contact Rita Tee, Corporate Services at 726-3223 or 1-800-563-3599, ext 236.